GeoSmart - Moon Lander Remote Control GeoMagnetic Vehicle Building Set


Embark on your very own lunar expedition with the rocket-fuel power of geometry! Grab all the magnetically connecting geometric pieces, plus the motor, wheels, receiver, transmitter, panels, tube connectors, and snap-on arms, and then start following the instructions to put them all together. With just a few magnetic connections and snaps, you’re all set to explore the craters of the moon and wander from horizon to horizon. Then – Ready to take this mission even further Tap into your creativity and start rearranging all the parts to invent and build a unique moon-explorer of your own design. You become the captain, engineer, astronaut, and pilot all rolled into one! Experience the out-of-this-world possibilities of geometry and STEM* education with the thrilling and versatile GeoSmart Moon Lander.