Jade Facial Gua Sha


The EcoTools Jade Gua Sha is the perfect natural spa tool to help depuff, lift, and firm skin. Jade is a naturally cool stone that can help to promote blood circulation and reduce inflammation. Oh, and not to mention, the jade stone is known for eternal youth. The EcoTools Jade Gua Sha is perfect for promoting lymphatic drainage when used on the face and neck, but the Jade Gua Sha's benefits go beyond just making your skin look more radiant. You can use our gua sha daily to help your entire body feel healthier. Pair the stone with your favorite facial serums, oils, or moisturizers to help the skincare products get deep into the skin’s surface. The Gua Sha stone fits into all the contours of your face and can reach every corner- from your jawline to the crevasse of your nose. As with all EcoTools products, the Jade Gua Sha is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.