Natural Skincare Relaxing Lavender & Essential Oil Gel Mask

By Freeman

Masking brand you love now natural. Naturally derived simple skincare. Our Freeman Natural Skincare Relaxing Lavender & Essential Oil Gel Facial Mask is infused with lavender oil and essential oils, which helps to relax and soothe skin for a renewed complexion. Lavender Oil is packed with antioxidants, which help to protect and nourish skin. Lavender oil aroma is also known for its relaxing and calming abilities. Chamomile flower oil also helps to calm irritated skin. All formulas are made with natural ingredients. Our Naturals Collection was created to bring natural ingredient benefits into skincare solutions with the nasties. We know clean beauty can be confusing. Our goal is to keep our skincare simple. Clear, inclusive, and accessible for the everyday consumer. The same good-for-you ingredients used in your diet also make a huge difference in your skin. Easy to pronounce and provide the most natural benefits.