Oil Absorbing Facial Roller


EcoTools Oil Absorbing Facial Roller helps to minimize facial oils to keep your look fresh all day long. The oil-absorbing roller is made of natural volcanic stone and post- consumer recycled plastic. This roller is 100% reusable making it a great sustainable swap for single-use blotting papers. Plus, there’s no need to re-apply powder throughout the day! This roller can be used on a natural face or on top of any makeup without smudging. To use – remove the cap off the roller and roll over the areas on the face needing shine reduction. The natural stone will absorb oil without absorbing product so there will be oil spots on the stone that wear off. The stone also acts like a massager to give your skin a boost and helping to prevent clogged pores! To clean – remove the stone from the handle to rinse with gentle soap + warm water. Let fully air dry before popping back into the handle for further use. Frequency of clean depends on usage but weekly is recommended for daily use. Wipe with dry cloth after each use. The sustainable swaps collection helps provide easy, daily solutions for an eco-friendlier lifestyle.