Saga Siglar

    Saga Siglar


    Helle is proud to release the Saga Siglar Knife based on the historical Viking utility knife design originally sold to help finance Ragnar ThorsethÕs round the world voyage in 1983.

    Like its brother the Viking, the Saga Siglar is a replication of a historical Viking utility knife from the ninth century. In 1983, Norwegian explorer Ragnar Thorseth approached Helle to create a knife that would help raise funds to finance a trip around the world in a hand-built replica of a 1000-year-old wooden Viking long ship. Helle was tasked with re-creating a Viking age belt knife that would match the craftsmanship and historical significance of the ship.

    Name: Saga Siglar
    Weight: 97 g
    Blade material: Triple laminated carbon steel
    Blade thickness: 3,7 mm
    Blade length: 88 mm
    Handle material: Curly birch wood
    Handle length: 107 mm
    Sheath material: Genuine leather
    Sheath weight: 32 g
    Design: Arne Emil Christensen
    Year: 2016
    Art. no: 102