Bruder - Bworld Scrambler Ducati Police Motorbike and Policeman

By Bruder

The Bworld police force is being enhanced. The motorbike policeman, including the motorcycle, is the new member of the team. The benefits of police motorbikes are speed, agility, and small amounts of required space. Consequently, this vehicle convinces as part of traffic monitoring, road traffic collision reporting, and protection and escorting. The motorbike on the basis of the Scrambler Ducati convinces with a very modern-looking police design and the policeman can also rely on cutting-edge protective equipment. Some of the excellent products from the ample range of Bruder and Bworld items, such as the Bworld police station (item no. 62730) and the Land Rover Defender off-road police vehicle (item no. 02597), make for perfect additions.