SmartGames - Car Wooden Cognitive Skill-Building Puzzle Game - Ages 4+

$28.99 $29.99

Hey kiddos, are you ready for a fun challenge? Get your thinking caps on and let's build a super cool car using just five blocks! It's called SmartCar 5x5 and it comes with a car and 5 wooden blocks in 5 different colors. Here's the deal - there are 96 challenges waiting for you to solve. Each challenge will give you clues on how to place the blocks correctly in the car. Use your logic skills and figure out the right combination to solve the puzzle. And the best part? Once you've solved the puzzle, you can take your new car for a test drive! It's not just a puzzle, it's also a toy. So, are you ready to become a master builder and solve all 96 challenges? Let's do this!